Crust Wizard

by Shadowölf

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released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Shadowölf Adelaide, Australia

Shadowölf fuse the extreme metal genres and crust punk; our lyrics addressing themes of Luciferian enlightenment and apotheosis entwined with nihilistic, Anti-Cosmic sentiment.

With the chill of black metal interspersed with death-sludge savagery and pummelling d-beats, Shadowölf's music makes for a relentless aural assault.
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Track Name: Crust Wizard
On winter's eves I brave the cold dusk air. My ritual tools scavenged from dumpster filth. A mundane's waste becomes my mystic treasure. Grim rites and dark nights are mine to behold in scum.

Under a blackened moon I invoke the gods of old. My patched garments reek of the night and chill are my bones.
Crust wizard.
Track Name: Preach Chaos
Shrouded in the Void, we are among you now. Silent, hidden, shadowed; our souls ablaze. Alight with the fires of an eclectic path, we shape the world to our Will and serve no masters.

Find us if you can or dare, we speak in tongues both dark and fair. Chaos flows through us as we preach Chaos perpetually.
Track Name: Fuck Your Fascist Cult
Taking advantage of the impressionable, pushing your fascist agenda under the guise of occult power. Authoritarian secret orders selling magick through anti-semitism...

Worship Satan...

Worship Satan for a New World Order? Fuck your fascist cult and all that it stands for. We won't be brainwashed by your illogical shit. Lucifer was the first rebel, what makes you believe he thinks like you? Read up, dominion over all is the agenda of Jehovah.
Track Name: Anti-Kosmik Queer Punx
This dysphoria harnessed as a Gnostic tool. A feeling of total sickness. Embrace the despair of the experience, let the loathing flow.

I am not the Cosmos, as I am not my body. Bleak meditations in discomfort; I set myself apart from all.

This esoteric dissonance: the weapon of self hate. Achieving altered states through perceived deformity. A call for all to become more, to separate one from all this.
Anti-Cosmic queer punx.